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Skeletal Lightning
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Nothing Special

by Harmony Woods

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Vignette #1 01:32
Watching you from across the hallway, eyes glued to the floor. Suddenly, I don't wanna leave anymore. Talking always seems so daunting, but with you I could get used to it. Do you come here often? Now the red cups, they don't scare me anymore now that I've focused my attention on callused hands and sunken eyes and nervous speaking patterns I've never heard before. Darling, is there something wrong? You seem unsure.
Life's been pretty easy recently. I've been avoiding feelings like the fucking plague, except I've been avoiding you like those frat boys avoid the keg. Life's been pretty quiet recently. I've been replaying your voice in the back of my head; silly cliches that rise then soften: "Do you come here often?" Oh god, I think I might need you. I guess it's a good thing that I'm a pessimist 'cause the best things never happen when you expect them to.
The quickest way to your apartment is half an hour spent on regional rail. Trees pass by as the windows shake, the breaks squeaking without fail. The smell of weed and cheap perfume. A general air of darkness looms. I lift my head and all I see is a dark tunnel surrounding me. For a second or two, I question if it's all really worth it. Uncomfortable seats and the grinding of teeth wears me thin, but then I walk a few blocks and I knock on your door and I'm reminded why I pay seven bucks to meet you here at midday: it's 'cause your smile quite frankly, actually reminds me that things might be okay.
Negro y Azul 02:28
Sedentary on your couch as the low light flickers a poor example of how to pay your medical bills. You say, "There's no choice, it's a dangerous game that no one wins." Now we're both yelling at the TV and there's no place I'd rather be than here. I suggest that we move onto something a little less dark. I say, "This program's great, but I can't fathom it without missing the ones I love." You almost immediately oblige, saying, "I was getting sick of it anyway. I mean, who wants to see some guy's head on a tortoise shell at the end of the day?" The screen goes black and little do you know through the actors' faces I was looking at yours. For the last half hour, I was comprehending your countenance through cheap glass and tubes. I think I might need you.
Vignette #2 01:11
How do you know when it's the right time to go? 'Cause it's 42 degrees and I can't imagine leaving the heat your bed's supplying me. Over you reach to the table next to me. You'd forgotten the glass from last night. It shatters on the floor, blood waiting to be drawn. You mutter a swear and go back to sleep.
Speckled 01:44
Freckles on the back of your neck, speckled out on a surface flat. Glass shards on the floor, you never can be sure. You're a mess and I like you for that. Sunday, caught you fading away stressing out on what the future holds. Blood stains on the floor, you were certain, you were sure, but darling, all I see are the freckles on our shoulders. Getting older never seemed so fun, so let's lay in the sun. Darling, we'll both be speckled in time.
Parking Lot 04:31
You drove me to the cemetery to watch the punk kids smoke cigarettes and trample over graves they have no right to be visiting, taking pictures and laughing. You said it's what you did in middle school. It's where you'd go when your parents started fighting, finding solace among the overgrown weeds. Comfort in simplicities. You drove me all throughout the city to watch the school kids chat about their days and hold their parents' hands. Sitting there, you calmly explained how yours were never there to do that. Then the demons started fighting and the anxieties started biting in your mind. Memories flash back. You bash your head against the wheel and scream, "The parking lot's too god damn small today. I can't back out, I can't think straight. It's getting harder every day."
It's 2 A.M., I'm in your bed, eyes open wide watching headlights leave marks on the walls from the cars outside. I turn to you sleeping soundly, completely undisturbed by your heavy breathing syncopated with the sound of train tracks in the distance. It's 5 A.M., you've left your bed. My mind assumes the worst. In my head, you've ended it all. I swear to god I'm cursed. I think of you, I can't imagine you being gone for good 'cause at this point you've been the only thing that's really felt like home. Oh god, I think I might need you. It's gotten harder every day lying to yourself. You always said you'd be alright, you just need a little help, but no matter how far I'd reach you'd always move away. Maybe I'm the one to blame. I'm selfish and afraid.
Vignette #3 01:46
"The parking lot seemed a lot less small today," you said as you walked in the front door. Tears streaming down my face, you had me worried. You said you needed space, a place to clear your head, and I don't blame you. I'm sorry I always get like this when you leave unexpectedly.
Renovations 03:05
How do you know when it's the right time to go? 'Cause you always seem to leave in my time of need. Please, just sit and stay with me. I miss the days before we started to drift away when we could talk about nothing for hours straight. You'd say, "Don't be afraid, we'll find our place someday," but sadly, darling, that day never came. I tried to build a home in you, but the foundation was overlooked. The floorboards are shaking in the room we loved once. Is this the end for us? You know how much I love to take care of you, but sometimes I have to take care of me, too. This is the third day you've spent shacked up in your bed and I'm wondering if you'll ever pull through. I can't tell what's worse: you leaving in the night or never leaving at all. I swore that I was cursed, but now the ceiling's falling, the paint's chipping off the walls.
Vignette #4 02:07
It's a sunny day once again, but I don't have it in me to leave your bed. I've been here before, but I don't remember when. This time, it's 'cause I can't bare the thought of seeing you again. Lying down on my side, I hear the door open wide. I'm terrified of what you'll say, but you don't say anything. You just lie there next to me, our bodies creating heat. Silence never sounded so sweet.
Equinox 03:35
Do you remember when you told me that nothing lasts forever and I agreed? Well, I'll be honest: at the time, I didn't understand you, 'cause how could people as strong as us break in two? But I was wrong. We are not strong. I don't think anyone is. But in this moment, you're still here. You're laying next to me, your breath grazing my ear. I'm unsure of how we'll feel about this tomorrow. Our time is running out, darling, and there's none left to borrow. We're gonna have to peel the freckles off our shoulders. Summer's getting colder. Soon it will be fall and there'll be nothing left at all, but for now, we can stay like this. Just for now, let's stay like this.


released May 5, 2017

Recorded at The Metal Shop in Philadelphia, PA
Produced/engineered/mixed by Jacob Ewald
Mastered by Ian Farmer

All songs written by Sofia Verbilla
Vocals/rhythm guitar/keys by Sofia Verbilla
Lead guitar by Brendan Lukens
Bass by Sophy Kelsall
Drums by Jer Berkin
Artwork by Emily Dubin
Emotional support and validation by Jowan Mead

I'd like to thank my father, every person who helped bring this record into the world, and every person who has supported me thus far. I love you all and I am grateful for you each and every day.


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Harmony Woods Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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